Day 4: Bridal Showers and Bachelorettes

Today I am hosting a bridal shower for one of my best friends, Nicole. This will not be a long post since I have WAY too much to do, but I needed to share something with you all.

For those young mothers out there who have taken on the task of hosting a bridal shower with an infant at home:


When I accepted this as my responsibility for her wedding, I had no idea what I was agreeing to. Thank goodness for me she is very laid back, and her mom did a lot of the work. All I was in charge of was the activity, the booze and the cake. For the activity we made anniversary cards for the bride and groom-one  for per year for every person in attendance at the party. Get supplies for activity–simple enough. Booze–some vodka, some rum, some juice, mojito fixins, and a few boxes of wine–easy. Cake–call, order it, pick it up–piece of , well you know.

Holy Cow! The night I bought the cards supplies should have been easy enough, except that with only 3 days before the shower I still had no idea how many people were coming–I wasn’t in charge of collecting RSVPs, and had to guesstimate how many cards, art supplies and envelopes to get. I wound up buying for 50. Activity–check.

Then there was the night I bought the hooch I had to take my son with me. I am so ashamed. Here I am with a baby strapped to my chest with a CART full of alcohol going though the register. I was so embarrassed.  I am sure all of the people who were smiling and making faces at Benji were thinking, “MY GOD! What kind of mother is she?” “What kind of alcoholic takes her infant to the liquor store to by $100+ worth of booze.” “She should be ashamed.” It was radiating from their smiling faces so much I could smell it. Then I had to have the clerk load up my car because the box was too big and heavy to carry with a baby. It was a mess. I kept expecting C.Y.S to pull up next to my car on the way home and tell me to hand over my child due to irresponsibility. I felt like such a lush. Booze–check.

Lastly, the cake. That was easy. I called, I ordered it, and now I am leaving to pick it up.  Wish me luck.

PS The Bachelorette party is tonight. It is going to be a long day.