Hello new friends!

So, I didn’t really want this to be my first post, but as the batteries are dead in my camera I was unable to take a picture of the my new star book on my shelf.  Instead, I am going to share the exciting news that they have begun filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie in the block that I work on. Emma Watson is cast as Sam, and I am pretty psyched about that…

“Perks” is one of those books that when someone tells me they are looking for a good book, I always recommend. Its unique writing style and relatable voice create this connection between the narrator and the reader that pulls you in and makes you part of the story. The story’s main character, Charlie, is telling a coming of age tale about his freshman year in high school, to someone he has never met but thought would understand. It is told through letters which creates this honest and personal voice for the narrator, who, due to the nature of the writing, is able to be more honest, it seems, than he would if he was telling these things to someone face to face, or to someone he knew.

Of course, the fact that the author is from my home town (Pittsburgh, Pa) and the story takes place here, does make it more relatable for me. There is a beautifully written scene in the book, when Charlie is coming through the Fort Pitt Tunnels and sees the city lit up at night.  I tried to find a photo to share with you of the view he describes, but there are none on Google, which says something. I am not sure what…but something. I can say, that if you have never seen it, it is hard to imagine, but Chbosky writes it so well that you can see it as if you were there.

The long and short of it is –I love this book, and I would recommend giving it a read–I am looking forward to the movie, hopefully they won’t bastardize it…

Well, I guess that is my first post…pretty exciting! Thanks for reading! Peace!