Day 11: Unhappy boy

I have an unhappy boy in my mitts so I am gonna keep this quick…but I need to post some thing right…Lets see…ok, Benji just got some new toys this week and we are loving our new musical activity walker from Fisher Price:

Ever since he was born Ben has loved music. I had an in-utero sound system for him that I wore on my belly and he still knows the songs that were on his playlist. Any way, this new walker is pretty cool. He can sit on the floor and play with the front, or stand behind it and walk with it. It plays music using it both ways and it teaches him the sounds of a piano, a guitar, and a saxophone.  The maraca rattles when you spin the ball and and the little flip book (his favorite part, go figure) is providing a much needed distraction.

Ok…back to my crying child…bye!